Fitness Equipment Product

(FOMG151) – Tunturi HG40 Home Gym

When you look at the Tunturi HG40 home gym it looks very similar to the Life Fitness G4. It may not have the quality finish of the G4 but it’s half the price and still does exactly the same exercises.

(FOEL155) – Tunturi Crosstrainer Endurance C85-F

The C85-F Endurance Crosstrainer is the ultimate home/light commercial cross trainer from Tunturi. It comes with a state of the art console featuring a great range highly motivating and fun charged programmes. These include T-Road and T-Ride.

(FOSUPP169) – Scitec 100% Whey Isolate Protein – 700g

Our 100% Whey Isolate protein formula was designed with two main goals in mind: to provide the highest possible true concentration of protein in a flavored formula, and to allow the user to ingest a protein that causes the most significant and fastest muscle amino acid influx and therefore the biggest anabolic protein synthesis boost.

(SCSM0014A) – Scitec Muscle Army – Tank 1440g

He’s as big as a tank! That “he” can be you with the help of Muscle Army Tank! Scitec’s formula is based on a 50-50% fusion of high-quality milk proteins: their protein blend is half Whey Protein and half undenatured Micellar Casein (instead of denatured, lower quality Caseinate)! This makes Tank a more well-balanced, versatile formula.

Kettler Multi Gym, A great value Multi Gym with 80kg stack

The Kettlet Multi Gym is a quality built multi gym for those who are very price-conscious. Its compact and space saving yet can still work all the muscle groups from the various work stations. On the Pec Deck/Bench you can adjust the handle position and the position of the arms with the pop pins at the top of the station. You can move fluidly from pec deck to bench press without having to adjust or lock anything in place.

Great value Tunturi HG60 Home Gym from Fitness Options

Going up the range, the Tunturi HG60 home gym offers an integrated leg press. It is unique and clever piece of engineering. The preacher curl pad rotates 180 degrees and becomes the back rest for the Tunturi HG60 leg press. You then sit facing the weight stack and push against the lower fixed bars and the whole seat pivots backwards. A very clever well thought out piece of kit!

Great value Nohrd SlimBeam Cable Machine from Fitness Options

Cable machines are one of the classic exercise machines because of their versatility and functionality. The Nohrd SlimBeam, with its minimal space requirements, is made by craftsmen and women and is designed in soft contoured, high quality wood, available in a broad range of shades and colours, capable of blending into your home interior. The butterfly is the Nohrd Slimbeam’s main feature, allowing you to train on one or both sides. It can be swivelled and set at any height. The pull-up-bar is included with each SlimBeam purchase. It can be adjusted in height with the fixture adapter. When attached at the bottom.

Great value Tunturi Platinum 4 in 1 Strength Station from Fitness Options

The Platinum 4 in 1 Strength Station brings all four Tunturi strength units together providing a complete strength machine where up to four people can workout at the same time and with over 100 different exercise options available. What is evident is the quality of the Tunturi units, from the upholstery to the powder coated finish, there is no compromise on the quality of the materials used. The ergonomic design and the unlimited number of adjustments ensure that the machine will accommodate users of all sizes. Quality cables and pulleys guarantee a smooth and quite motion throughout each exercise.